Enjoy the magic and romance of cruising with your loved one while taking in one of our many Built To Last Marriage Seminars.

Welcome to the happiest, healthiest crew of marriage fanatics that ever sailed the Inland Passage! Yes, there's nothing in life as exciting, exotic, and eternally fun as a fabulously happy marriage.

Hi! I'm Dr. Chuck Laird, executive director of Built To Last Marriages and, with my wife Jeanette, your co-hosts for the 2005 Alaska Marriage Cruise and Conference.

A Marriage Cruise is unlike any cruise or marriage conference you've ever taken. It is both a dream vacation and an investment in your marriage! Marriage Cruise offers the opportunity to experience a Built to Last marriage seminar in the idyllic setting of a luxury cruise liner!

And it works! It works wonders for you and for marriage! Whether you are newlyweds or been married for years, head over heels or seeing a marriage counselor, Marriage Cruise is a happy infusion of love and life -- and some practical and easy-to-learn tools -- to help your marriage thrive.

Here is the formula we've discovered for highly effective learning: Tools + Insights + Experience + Context = Personal Conversion.

The transition from being single and independent to being an interdependent partner in marriage is one requiring personal conversion, that is, an entirely new and different set of skills, understandings, and relational patterns. That conversion continues throughout your marriage and it's never easy, particularly in the early years.

People are more receptive to change and learning when they feel relaxed, safe, emotionally secure, and loved. When couples are laughing and having a great time of life together, they are simply more open and teachable.

Enter Marriage Cruise. Marriage Cruise provides the ideal context for receiving new insights, learning new tools, practicing new skills, and developing new, healthy relational patterns that stimulate growth in oneness and lead to fabulously happy marriages.

When you are immersed in this wonder of nature -- the breathtaking, pristine beauty of the Inland Passage, the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Mendenhall Glacier, the vast spaces of untamed wilderness and majestic wildlife -- perspectives on life change. You see a whole new world with new eyes.

With new eyes comes new openness and receptivity to reframe thought patterns about marriage. This is the context for helping couples begin to learn, practice, experience, and enjoy the love skills and patterns of fabulously happy marriages. It's just a great time!

"The tools we have been given are already making a difference. I can honestly say that making this a part of my life was one of the best decisions I ever made." -- Giuseppe Alleva

You can't put a price tag on a happy marriage and family but if you could, a Marriage Cruise might be the perfect down payment!

To offer outstanding marriage conferences, seminars, and workshops to coach individuals and couples in the skills, practices and patterns of happy, enduring marriages;

To help individuals and couples create, build, manage, and preserve relational wealth to improve the present and future quality of life for themselves and others.

To promote and model the practices of selfless love as the highest, happiest, and healthiest lifestyle for lasting personal and social enrichment.

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